The Fairbanks Residence

This three acre residence is located in Las Entradas, a private gated community in Montecito. The architectural firm of Warner and Gray created a modern “New England Farmhouse.” From a distance, the house appears to be several different small buildings, but actually it is all one structure. The U-shaped compound is oriented around a formal rectangular pool. Green and maroon fountain grasses are massed in front of the residence, complementing the farmhouse and creating a harmonious context. Clumps of pampas grass provide texture in the dune like setting.

A dry creek is planted with California and Mediterranean native plants including Purple Hop Seed Bush, Rockrose and Penstemon in shades of pink and purple. Mature Olive trees were brought to the site which created an instant established appearance in the garden. These trees surround the dry creek and dot the property. Ceanothus groundcover provide a dark green border edge in the landscape. High walls provide privacy and keep the compound contained.